Count Trees

by The Wild Suns

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Recorded in March & April 2012 in Hamilton, ON at the Locker Room.


released May 1, 2012

The Wild Suns are:
Ben McCullough: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion
Ben Robinson: Banjo, Guitar, Keys
Miranda Crocket: Vocals
Isaac Redinger: Fiddle

Guest Appearances:
Stephanie Gribben - Vocals (Track 5 & 6)
Bethany Howson-Jan - Vocals (Track 5 & 6)
Justin James - Trumpet (Track 6)

Photography courtesy of Mariah Hamilton.



all rights reserved


The Wild Suns Hamilton, Ontario

An ever-expanding group of guys and gals playing country and folk music in Ontario.

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Track Name: Tomorrow Morn
He met her first under the night
Held still in silence beneath the street light
She held her breath and saw right through
Said "I don't get you but I think I'd like to"

Where have you gone my darling, where have you gone?
Through the woods and fields down the rivers long
Live out your days under the wild, wild sun
I'll see you in Montreal when the cold months come

Sitting by her side, it's like she's already left
The curb is cold and the grass is wet
His knees shake and his teeth clack
In a slow walk uphill he already wants her back

Stumbled down the drive to catch you by the hand
Gone tomorrow morn to reclaim your land
Grabbed you by the gate and turned your face to mine
Met you on the cobblestone one last time
Track Name: Burned Away
If one night you came home
And everything you owned
It was gone, burned away

The brand new television
The black Mercedes-Benz
All that you once cherished
Had finally met its end

And now you’re free

No longer are you ruled
No things to tie you down
If riches were your Goliath
Then like David you brought them down

No longer do you worry
About things like money
Your treasure can’t be burned away
It’s happiness and family
Track Name: Justified!
I read out my resume
For all to see
Thanked sky above
For all my good deeds

My perfect ways I impressed
And puffed out my pride
Lord, I’m a winner
But I ain’t justified

I read out my record
For heaven to see
Cowered in the corner
Asked, mercy on me

I beat at my breast
And lowered my eyes
Lord, I’m a sinner
But I’m going home justified

Track Name: This One Ain't Happy
Got her for cheap tricks
And a little charm
Her tone was smooth
In the crowded bar

Hammered on and off
Since the day we met
I couldn’t look in her eye
With out feeling regret

She told me with a sigh that things had to change
Another whole year, she couldn’t sustain
I play my girl like my guitar

Well she finally picked a fight
She was bound to lose
I was riffed out of my mind
And sick from her blues

I grabbed her by the neck
And pulled her off the ground
Felt a chord distort
And she lost her sound

Before I closed the trunk I said goodbye
And in a weakened cry she asked me “Why?”
I play my girl like my guitar

Strung her up from the bridge
By the lowest key/quay
But her string snapped
With the wind of the high C/sea

Her hollow body dropped down
And her grave she met
They never pegged me as a killer
So I had no need to fret

It took them quite a while but a year from the day
The cops cuffed me at my home and all they had to say
Don’t play your girl like your guitar
Track Name: River Folk
On Sunday morn they’ll walk down to the shore
To watch a son or daughter be reborn
If you can’t swim, they wont let you sink
Those river folk, they don’t dance or drink

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Wash me in that tired, old waterway
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Today my muddy hands will close to pray

The soles of their boots will print the ground
The bottoms of their bright white gowns will brown
Hard bred boys and girls by the brink
Those river folk, they don’t dance or drink

That wide-trunked willow bends its wood-cracked back
To lap up from that cool brook like a tap
Them good people gather round and sing
But damn, those river folk, they don’t dance or drink
Track Name: I've Got A Little Herod In Me
Don’t run with your baby, there’s no escape
Kill all the boys under two years of age
Batter my heart until it breaks

Daughter danced well and won the stage
I’ll serve your severed head on a silver plate
Batter my heart until it breaks

I’ve got a little Herod in me

Made friends with a man I used to hate
Sent another straight to his fate
Batter my heart until it breaks

Leave this town and flee
You'll never see another day free
I hoisted you high up in that tree
I’ve got a little Herod in me
Track Name: Sleep When Dead
The night is still young
As you are my lad
If your breathing you should be seeing
What’s left to be had

When your lids grow heavy
My eyes start to roll
You’ll have time for that
When you’re all dead and old

Sleep when dead
So I know where you’ve gone
Sleep when dead
I’ll write it on your stone
Sleep when dead
You've so much left to do
Don’t cover yourself or he’ll cover you

Hold your chin up
And please stay alert
You can nod off
When you’re under the earth

Don’t rest your head
When you hear them angels sing
You’ll want to be awake
For the coming of the King
Track Name: Summer Springs
Summer springs and winter falls
Going gray has its perks and all
All space of all the lakes
Couldn’t soothe my pains and aches

I want to die on the water
A canoe for a coffin
I want to die looking up
Watching it all come back down

I'll push off and drift out
Heavy brush and light sky surrounds
The highway is far, hear a pin
And the beard sticks close to the chin

I want to die on the water
A canoe for a coffin
I want to die on the water
My canoe is my coffer
I want to die looking up,
Watching it all come back down.

I'll hit the shore and take off
Running through the columns, under the rooftops
Of the fresh cedars, oak and pines
I chill and tear because I can’t wait for my time

Summer springs and winter falls
Going gray has its perks and all
All the space of all the lakes
A hollow boat is all it takes